Kato Gouves
Crete Greece
E: pellaart@otenet.gr
T: +30 28970 41342
F: +30 28970 41342
M: +30 6946 577376

The Family


The owners of the complex, the family Vatsithianou work all along on your vacation.

Grandpa George works in the kitchen as he does elsewhere on the site and all does all existing jobs.
You can also hear his stories with a drink at the bar.
Grandma Maria is in the early morning in the supermarket where they have delicious fresh bread and fruit, she also helps you to find the groceries.
Daughter Pella works, like her mother in the supermarket where you can find her from noon until closing.
Son Dimitris, with his wife Eleni and her brother Stavros are working in the restaurant and terrace. Also you can ask Eleni about reservations, or questions or wishes on the complex or nearby.
The granddaughters Maria and Georgina will entertain you with their laugh.

So they will all help you with a memorable stay that’s why it is not surprising that many people come back to this place.

The Family.